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Toronto, ON

In addition to being one of Bosley Real Estate’s top performing agents, David Fleming is known to many for the no-punches-pulled Toronto Realty Blog. Fleming has made a name for himself by speaking frankly, and often controversially, on any topic related to real estate – shoddy developments, public policy, selling strategies good and awful – an approach that has proven to be a double-edged sword. Fleming says all of his new business is generated by the blog, but it has also cost him.

“If I write about a building that has a problem, I’m never going to get a listing in that building,” Fleming says. “But it needs to be said and I need to educate people.”

In addition to providing what might be arguably the most honest and relevant real estate writing in the GTA – and perhaps the busiest, with 230,000 hits a month – Toronto Realty Blog also benefits from the active and informed community that has grown up around it.

“The calibre of the comments from the readers is unparalleled,” Fleming says. “If you look at your average Toronto Star, Yahoo or TMZ story, the comments are from the lowest of the low. I am so blessed to have this following. They create content; they stimulate discussion and it’s unbelievable.”
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