New York, NY

In writing this year’s Hot List, REP had multiple dealings with Andrew and Amy Ingram, who were instrumental in setting up interviews with multiple listees. Both were polite, efficient and lightning quick. They’re also both machines.

The Ingrams are the brainchild of Dennis Mortensen, who, after counting the number of meetings he had scheduled for himself in 2012 (1019), wondered if that was what he was meant to do with his time.

“What was even sadder,” he says, “is I had 672 reschedules in that year and I did all of them myself. This is what pretty much everybody in many positions will do every year.”

The result is, a constantly evolving personal assistant platform that schedules meetings through email. While Mortensen has no illusions about replacing indispensable admin staff, agents not yet ready to shell out for a full-time assistant can leverage either Amy or Andrew’s talents to remove one of their most menial tasks. In the future, will be able to speak multiple languages, communicate through text and Facebook messages and schedule more than just meetings, including Uber pick-ups and restaurant reservations.

“You can’t find a single friend of yours who will tell you, ‘You know what? I really like setting up meetings’,” Mortensen says.
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