DOMINIC MANCHISI,Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Brokerage
Milton, ON

Your average sold prices are close to $16,000 over asking, which is tops in the GTA. What is your team doing differently to get more money in your clients’ pockets?
I think it’s because of some of the unique ways we market the properties. As well, I have a really unique database. We have over 7,000 registered buyers looking for homes. Most agents are just holding back offers in the GTA, and we’re holding back offers as well, but we’re doing a lot of pre-marketing even before a property hits the MLS. Just throwing a sign on the lawn and putting a home on MLS is an antiquated way of doing it, so we’re trapping our own buyers before they even know we’re going to list a home.

You started your own independent brokerage last year. What do you provide your agents that one of the big three might not be able to?
Normally, what you’re buying when you buy any franchise is a system. But the problem with real estate franchises is that they really have no system. All they have is a brand. The way the big box real estate companies are set up, they’re really just rental companies – they rent you space; they let you use the brand, but then you’re allowed to do whatever you want with it, whereas we’ve always been system-oriented.

We provide scripts and dialogues. We practise our listing presentation every week. We also have a presentation for when we’re meeting with a buyer, which I think a lot of Realtors lack. I sit with the agents at the end of the year and we make an annual schedule for them, which they have to stick with, and my wife meets with them once a month to discuss performance.

It sounds like you have a built-in coaching structure.
I’m actually one of Craig Proctor’s coaches, so I take everything he’s taught me in the last 15 years and implement all his sales training and systems into my business. If it wasn’t for Craig, I’d just be an average agent.
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