San Francisco, SF

Prior to becoming the vice president and GM of global real estate solutions for DocuSign, Georg Gerstenfeld was introduced to the real estate industry by improving lead quality for US-based Realtors while working as a VP for Trulia. Gerstenfeld says those years spent working on customer-driven innovation with real estate agents and observing their needs helped him adapt quickly when he arrived at DocuSign, the unquestioned leader of the e-signature industry.

“My goal when I joined DocuSign was to completely transform the real estate transaction, from lead to close,” Gerstenfeld says. “We’re within months of completing our first fully digital experience. And when we’re done, the transaction will go from 45-60 days down to two weeks. That kind of speed, transparency, compliance and collaboration will transform the experience for everyone who touches a real estate transaction.”

DocuSign was far and away the most popular piece of industry-related tech mentioned during our Hot List nomination process, as it speeds up transactions and removes at least one layer of complexity. Gerstenfeld says agents impressed with DocuSign’s current functionality should be in store for some surprises.

“We’re on the cusp of delivering the next transformation,” he says. “Our engineers are already looking five years ahead to lead the next wave of innovation today.”
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