GEORGE HEOS,Royal LePage Canada
Royal LePage Canada
Toronto, ON

As the senior vice president of business development for Royal LePage, George Heos has been instrumental in increasing the company’s reach across Canada. Heos says he has seen first-hand how being the No.1 company in a particular market results in better agent performance.

“Our goal is not to have growth just for the sake of growth. We know that the success a brand has in a market has a direct relationship to the success of our individual agents. Our goal is to be No.1 in every market that we operate in.”

One of Heos’ main duties is acquiring and converting brokerages, bringing them under the Royal LePage banner. He was recently responsible for the company’s purchase of Prudential – and for retaining the majority of its more than 1,300 agents. While continued growth is a must for Heos, he says he is only interested in acquiring brokerages that are a fit for Royal LePage’s unique culture.

“The key thing is the model that they operate. We look for people who have the same philosophy and belief in how a business should be run.”
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