GREG ROMUNDT,Centurion Asset Management
Centurion Asset Management
Toronto, ON

A former investment banker for AIG International Group and Citibank, Greg Romundt turned his attention to real estate in 2003, when his own personal real estate investments began generating more excitement than his daily nine-to-five.

“I enjoyed what I was doing on the outside more, so I started my own thing,” he says. His “own thing”, Centurion Asset Management, has overseen the management of over $1bn in assets.

When acquiring properties for Centurion, Romundt says agents play the key role of diplomat, acting as a buffer between the buyer’s potential criticisms of a property and the seller’s rosy view.

“When you’re trying to buy a property, you see it as it is, or as it could be, not what the buyer thinks it is.”

Romundt says Centurion prefers to deal with connected agents who can make off-market deals happen, rather than those who turn every listing into an auction.

“Those kinds of relationships are a lot more fruitful for us. The probability of actually winning a deal when 50 guys are at the table is very slim.”
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