HARRY STINSON,Stinson Developments
President, Stinson Developments
Hamilton, ON

Harry Stinson has made his name by being about 10 steps ahead of his competition. With the Candy Factory Lofts, Stinson not only brought the idea of residential loft living to Toronto, he also sparked a rebirth in what is now the trendiest part of the city. His 1 King West project, once considered impossible to build, is now one of the most revered properties in Toronto, while the High Park Lofts are reasonably credited with helping enliven Roncesvalles Village.

But Stinson’s foresight has taken him further from his native Toronto. Three of his current projects are located in Hamilton; the other is in Buffalo, NY.

“The entry costs for doing development in Toronto are close to prohibitive,” Stinson says, “unless you’re an established player or bringing in massive amounts of money. I keep my eyes open, but right now where would you find an empty, old, grand building to be restored in Toronto?”

While Stinson’s multiple forays into a revitalized Hamilton market are looking to be predictably enrapturing, it is his planned redevelopment of the long-abandoned Buffalo Central Terminal train station that is raising the most eyebrows – a $100m revitalization project, replete with lofts, 300,000sqft of office space and a sprawling convention space. The success of the project will largely depend on the city’s economic rebirth, but Stinson sees in Buffalo the same potential once hidden under layers of grime in Hamilton. Based on his decades of success, one thing not to be doubted when it comes to Harry Stinson is his foresight.
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