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MARK RUTTAN – RE/MAX of Wasaga Beach,RE/MAX of Wasaga Beach
RE/MAX of Wasaga Beach
Wasaga Beach, ON

How’s the market in Wasaga Beach in 2017?
Amazing. I’ve been doing this over 28 years now, and I’ve never seen it like this.

How has that interest changed how you approach the market?
I’ve had to work harder this year just to get listings. I always carry a large inventory of listings, but this year people have no place to move to, so if they sell their property they have nowhere to go. But I’ve had a good client base over the years, and they still stick by me, so that’s good.

You had a massive jump in business from 2015 to ’16. What accounted for that increase?
I base it on my database. I finally created a database which, when I list or something new comes up, it automatically goes to everyone who’s signed on to it. I’m finding that people who I haven’t talked to in five to 10 years are getting it and are saying, “Yes, that’s the one I want.” My database has finally gotten to the point where I have so many people in there that I can contact a lot more people who are coming to buy.

What have you been doing to keep your business evolving for almost 30 years?
I’ve always been out in the public. I sponsor soccer teams, baseball teams. I was involved in politics for nine years. It’s not that I go out looking for business, it’s just that I’m part of the community anyway. People see you, so they come back and call you.
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