PAUL MARANGER,Sotheby’s International Realty Canada
Sotheby’s International Realty Canada
Toronto, ON

For top producing Sotheby’s agent Paul Maranger, selling luxury real estate has always appealed more to his personality than to his bank account.

“It’s not a question of commissions,” he says about his motivations to sell some of Canada’s most exclusive properties. “It’s a function of quality over quantity. Some people are just driven by nature to quantity and some are driven by nature to quality – and complexity as well.”

Maranger, who has been with Sotheby’s International for almost six years and is the company’s senior vice president of sales, says the most challenging aspect of working the luxury market is exceeding the sky-high expectations of clients used to enjoying the very best.

“What they’re accustomed to is their average, not my average, so the level you have to perform at is what they experience all the time – and above that.”

Maranger did just that when he sold Integral House, one of Toronto’s most exquisite properties, in September 2016 for just under $15m. Privately built and fully customized properties like Integral House have become Maranger’s specialty.

“The complexity of the luxury level is selling that homeowner’s dream and vision and lifestyle to a new buyer,” he says.
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