PAUL TAYLOR,Mortgage Professionals Canada
Mortgage Professionals Canada
Toronto, ON

As president and CEO of Mortgage Professionals Canada, Paul Taylor leads the Canadian mortgage industry’s largest professional development and public advocacy group. The significant changes to lending rules unveiled by the government in October have raised the organization’s profile and intensified its drive to alleviate the pressures the new guidelines have placed on consumers.

“Our members have really made our presence felt and really tried to bring the story of the first-time buyer – and the pressures these additional changes have made – up to government,” Taylor says. “And they certainly seem to understand. What is their appetite for change? That remains to be seen.”

In addition to consumer advocacy and government relations – which have taken the form of public testimony before government committees and the group’s first ever Parliament Hill Advocacy Day, held in March – Taylor is also focused on maintaining the strong bond between real estate and mortgage professionals.

“We’re absolutely tied together,” he says. “A good number of mortgage brokers and Realtors have reciprocal arrangements. I think there’s a really good level of trust between the folks and I think that is phenomenally good for consumers in general.”
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