URMA MOLLEMA,Mortgage Architects
Mortgage Architects
Vancouver, BC

Urma Mollema was the first mortgage broker to grant a non-bank mortgage in South Africa. After building her company into a 128-franchise juggernaut, she sold it off and moved to Canada in 2011. Three years with CENTUM saw Mollema become the company’s national franchise director of business development, but leadership changes at the company inspired her to leave in 2017 to become Mortgage Architects’ national director of business development.

“I had to reconsider my growth potential as a businesswoman,” Mollema says. “I did not think I could grow in the company as much as I wanted.” Mortgage Architects funded $7bn of deals in 2016. Mollema hopes to increase that figure considerably in 2017.

“My goal is to grow this brand as much as I can with everything I’ve learned over 20 years.”

Mollema is highly appreciative of the relationship between mortgage brokers and real estate agents. She encourages her franchises to ensure that 35% of their business comes directly from Realtors.

“They’re the people who meet the consumers first; they’re the people who know what the clients need,” she says.

“I don’t see a future in this industry without Realtors.”
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