Connect Asset Managment

Connect Asset Managment

Toronto, ON
Team leaders: Ryan Coyle and Matt Elkind

Connect Asset Management has taken full advantage of the condo craze that has swept the GTA, becoming one of the city’s leaders in pre-construction sales. But team leaders Matt Elkind and Ryan Coyle are doing more than just throwing product at unceasing demand. By hiring smart and investing in their agents, Elkind and Coyle have built a sales machine that runs on its own energy.

“The best part for us has been watching the salespeople on our team develop,” Coyle says. “When we meet with them, we tell them that our goal is to help them make over $250,000 within their first year of working with us. At first they think we’re crazy, but we have agents who have already done it and others who are well on their way. Seeing people exceed their own expectations is the most rewarding part of what we do.”

Great agents know that the ability to ask clients the right questions is a key skill. But Coyle feels agents looking to form successful teams must also question themselves about the business they’re trying to build.

“The first question they should ask is, ‘Why would someone join my team?’” he says. “How will you make them more successful than they would be on their own or working with someone else? You have to be committed to helping people build their careers.”