Union Realty

Union Realty

Toronto, ON
Team leaders: Rick DeClute, Rochelle DeClute, Melanie Wright and Lindsey Wright

Both DeClute Real Estate and Wright Sisters Real Estate finished 2016 among Toronto’s top five teams. Traditionally great competitors, in April 2017, the two groups combined to form a single powerhouse entity, Union Realty. While still technically competitors, the two outfits have created an innovative partnership that allows each team to benefit from the other’s marketing savvy, business systems and substantial client base, while improving the already award-winning level of service each company can provide its clients.

“We have taken the most effective systems, practices and procedures from both teams and combined them into a hybrid teams focused brokerage,” says Rick DeClute.

“Having a culture of collaboration and an open, fair attitude has made our office climate a much more successful place to work.”

That emphasis on collaboration is something the Union leaders feel can be missing from many of the big brokerages. “Brokerages are often built on numbers of agents in an environment that can be fiercely competitive rather than collaborative. Our focus is on attracting clients, not agents, and we do that by doing what is right for our clients,” says DeClute, adding that team leaders, brokers and salespeople have so much to learn from each other.

This move has elevated both the DeClute and the Wright Sisters brands, allowing them both to take a value-add to their marketplace that has historically been missing altogether. “Although we dominate the east end of the city in market share, we still plan to grow,” says Melanie Wright. “We are excited to work with like-minded professionals who share our vision and values.”

The Wright and DeClute brands do compete, but it is less often than one would imagine. They appear to attract very different clients to each brand. The power of working together and establishing this new brokerage appears to be just the beginning for this group. They are passionate about real estate and excited to have a new brokerage to call home where teams are the focus.