Andrew Russell, RE/MAX Real Estate Central

Andrew Russell, RE/MAX Real Estate Central

Age: 31

Andrew Russell was a mere 20 years old when he became a real estate agent. Young and in need of a mentor, Russell availed himself of the expertise of a Realtor with 27 years of experience – his father.

“The mentorship I received from my father took me to a high level of success early in my career as I was able to avoid mistakes and pitfalls that most new agents make,” Russell says. All new or struggling agents need to find a successful agent in their office that they can learn and grow from, somebody they can mimic to build their own successful business.”

Russell knows the Red Deer market, and its rising inventory and decreasing demand, intimately. He foresees a potentially difficult few years ahead, but he’s looking forward to the challenge. 

“Many agents want to avoid dealing with problems in tougher markets,” he says, “but successful agents see problems as great opportunities.”