Brandon Polsinello, RE/MAX Realtron Polsinello Realty

Brandon Polsinello, RE/MAX Realtron Polsinello Realty

Age: 28

Brandon Polsinello was born into real estate. His father heads one of RE/MAX’s most successful teams, his grandfather was a builder and his uncle is real estate coach Craig Proctor. Despite being steeped in the business, Polsinello says real estate is still full of surprises.

“I sort of knew what to expect,” he says, “but growing up around it and living in it are two different things. No matter what I thought I knew, there are always new things that I am learning and adapting to every day.”

That learning process has resulted in a number of successful innovations for Polsinello’s team, but he says the key to his success has been surrounding himself with the right people.

“Everyone clicks really well together. We are always bouncing ideas off each other and sharing experiences and techniques that help make us all better at what we do.”