Daniel Stewart, Century 21 Groupe Opt/immo

Daniel Stewart, Century 21 Groupe Opt/immo

Age: 34 

One of Century 21’s most dependable young agents, Daniel Stewart recently decided to follow the team route being used by many of our Young Guns. The new approach has already allowed Stewart to achieve a new level of success, with even better days on the horizon.

“It is still new for us, so we are going through a bit of trial and error to see what we should and shouldn’t do,” Stewart says. “I want to continue to grow our team and get a bit more organized.”

As Stewart guides his team through their growing pains, he continues to provide his clients with top-notch advice, much of it seasoned by his time spent in construction and as a successful real estate investor.

“I still look for purchase opportunities, but I prefer helping my clients find deals,” he says.