Eugene Kaplun, RE/MAX Infinite

Eugene Kaplun, RE/MAX Infinite

Age: 30

”Although there are many keys to success that cannot be overlooked, every successful Realtor has their own individual style of doing business,” says RE/MAX Infinite’s Eugene Kaplun. “I believe my key was to come up with unconventional approaches and explore new areas in business as opposed to taking the same route all the time. My clients choose me for that specific reason, to bring them solutions that they themselves cannot come up with.”

Kaplun’s innovative thinking over the past 10 years has made him one of the top agents at RE/MAX Infinite. He has led the company’s number one team for three consecutive years.

“My biggest accomplishment so far was choosing the right people for my team and being able to advance to the next level, each and every year,” Kaplun says.

But Kaplun would be the first to admit that not every day in the industry is a cake walk. Having started his career as a Realtor when he was only 20, Kaplun has done what every good agent has to do: learn from his mistakes.

“One of my biggest lessons was recognizing the importance of failure as a natural iteration of success,” he says. “That, and being able to navigate unpredictable environments.”