Francis Vallee, Royal LePage Vallee de L’outaouais

Francis Vallee, Royal LePage Vallee de L’outaouais

Age: 35

Francis Vallee spent 10 years working for Loto Québec before deciding to sell real estate for a living. It is a gamble that has clearly paid off. In 2016, he was Royal LePage’s seventh-highest individual producer in Quebec.

“The customer service I was able to give to my clients at Loto Québec was highly personalized. That’s what attracted me first in real estate,” Vallee says. “I now have the chance to serve, to help people realize their dreams, to make a difference in their lives.”

Like many in this year’s crop of Young Guns, Vallee says his success has been shaped by a deep and sincere sense of empathy for his clients. “I always keep in mind to serve my clients as I would have them serve me – meet their needs as I would have them meet my needs, give them prices that I would want to pay. The key to my success is to be able to put myself in my clients’ shoes and exceed their expectations in a way that I would want my expectations to be exceeded.”

Honing in on those expectations requires the ability to ask questions and then sit back and listen, a skill not every agent is born with. Vallee says learning to take the passive role in a conversation has been a valuable lesson. “It helps me to get the big picture, understand the needs of my clients and it gives me the ability to properly close a sale,” he says. “It shows that my main focus is on them.”