Jake Eivers, Century 21 Professional Group

Jake Eivers, Century 21 Professional Group

Age: 30

With all the sacrifice and stress that comes along with being an agent, Jake Eivers says agents looking to remain successful year after year need to work on themselves as much as they work on their businesses.

“I’ve always said that, as an agent, you get paid to work on yourself, meaning the healthier I am in body and mind, the better I perform. So staying on top of my health and working at it translates into my job performance and has made me ready for the complexities of this career.”

Those efforts are clearly paying off. Having recently turned 30, Eivers is already a member of Century 21’s illustrious Centurion Club.

“Before, I thought that would be impossible. But having done it, I feel it’s a benchmark that I won’t go below.”