Max Bachman, Century 21 Bachman and Associates

Max Bachman, Century 21 Bachman and Associates

Age: 30

Max Bachman is on the leading edge when it comes to social media and personal branding, but his dedication to his clients has remained steadfast since his first day as an agent. 

“Once you quickly realize that there are no easy sales, you really need to apply yourself to the personal part of the job,” he says. “Sometimes difficult decisions have to be made, but if you already have the trust and respect of your clients reciprocated then anything can be overcome.”

In 2016, Bachman achieved Centurion-level success with Century 21 while still maintaining a strong connection to his family and community.

“It’s not easy to be your best self every day, but having the satisfaction of a job well done helps motivate you, as does taking personal time to recharge and reflect.”