Nicole Digalakis, RE/MAX All-Stars Realty

Nicole Digalakis, RE/MAX All-Stars Realty

Age: 24

This year’s youngest Young Gun, Nicole Digalakis, has already made a name for herself on the RE/MAX All-Stars Realty team. In addition to possessing a warm personality that clients are drawn to, Digalakis has also benefited from working under the tutelage of her father, and RE/MAX legend, Ken.

“I have been very fortunate to work and shadow such successful Realtors this early in my career,” Digalakis says, “and it will continue to teach me to accomplish bigger and better things.”

One lesson Digalakis has already learned is that time, when you are a Realtor, is of the essence.

“I had one experience in particular, where my client wanted to see a house last minute. Instead of postponing to a later time, I dropped what I was doing right then and there and I ended up selling the house that day.”