Rob Moore, RE/MAX Realty Specialists

Rob Moore, RE/MAX Realty Specialists

Age: 34

When Rob Moore broke into the industry five years ago, his goal was to sell 15 homes a year. That goal was immediately blown to bits. Moore now sells close to 150 properties a year.

Insight into the goals, emotions and mindset of his clients has helped Moore immensely. He says determining these things is simply a matter of asking the right questions. “Knowing what information I need to obtain in order to benefit my clients the most is important to providing the best service.” 

Moore, one of the keynote speakers at EXIT Realty’s annual convention in Nashville in 2015, is anticipating a more balanced St. John’s market over the next several months, which should give him ample opportunity to demonstrate his deep local knowledge.

“The market is always changing,” he says, “so you should always be up to date on information. Don’t test the market.”