Sara Kalke, RE/MAX River City

Sara Kalke, RE/MAX River City

Age: 35

For Sara Kalke, selling real estate isn’t about commissions or awards, it’s about funding her lifelong passion of showing cow horses. Kalke says the intense motivation to stay involved with her horses has driven her to sharpen her skills as a Realtor, benefiting both her and her clients.

“It means that every dollar and every minute needs to be working for me,” Kalke says. “Knowing I can pursue my dreams of showing cow horses keeps me going on long days, or through the tough market that we have had in the past three years.”

Edmonton’s still-correcting market has provided ample opportunity for Kalke to practise removing her emotions from transactions, a skill she says is a crucial component of agent success.

“We weather a lot of storms in this business. To be a strong guide, we have to be two steps ahead while acting as cool as a cucumber.”