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Verico Butler Mortgage
TOTAL VOLUME: $218,165,596

MOST IMPORTANT DEAL: “The largest mortgage I did in 2014 was probably only $1.2 million. This will sound cliche, but every deal we do is just as important as the next one. Every client is important, and every deal has its own unique set of circumstances.”

Dave Butler comes from a family steeped in the mortgage industry; his father and brother are also brokers, and his mother works on the compliance side. When Butler finished university in 2004, he apprenticed under his father for about eight months and then set off to start his own team. “I joined Mortgage Intelligence and was off to the races,” he says. In 2012, he and his father and brother started Butler Mortgage. “They’re more involved in the rate sites and mass advertising,” Butler says. “My team is more geared toward working with real estate investors, building their portfolios, etc.” Butler and his wife, Chantel, are eager for their son Skyler – currently in his second year at Guelph University – to finish his degree and join the family business, continuing the Butler tradition.

FSCO license: M08001279

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