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#44 Bernadette Laxamana
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Bernadette Laxamana's biggest deal last year was also one of her most memorable. Her clients, both self-employed and doing well in their business, owned their $1.5 million home free and clear, but wanted to purchase a new $1.7 million home. “One of their sons had recently been diagnosed with ADHD, and they wanted a place with an expansive outdoor area so he would be able to exercise and expend his energy on a daily basis,” Laxamana says. “Their two younger children loved animals, and the extra outoor space would allow them to care for more of them.” The project looked straightforward enough – Laxamana refinanced their original home to get more than $1 million in equity to use as a down payment, then looked for a $630,000 mortgage for the property. “With a 37% LTV on the purchase, I expected it would be easy to get financing,” she says. “Instead, three lenders turned me down.” Laxamana worked furiously to get an approval, leveraging her relationships and connections until she was able to broker a deal. “I’m pleased to say that my clients and their children are living happily in their wonderful new dream home, enjoying their outdoor space and their animals,” she says.

Bernadette Laxamana, a partner at Verico Xeva Mortgage, has more than 20 years of financial industry experience. Over the years, she’s helped more than 1,500 families with mortgage financing, refinancing and mortgage transfers. This is her second year in a row to appear on CMP’s Top 75 Brokers list.
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