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#53 Tracy Valko,Dominion Lending Centres Forest City Funding

#53 Tracy Valko
Dominion Lending Centres Forest City Funding
TOTAL VOLUME: $46,996,715


“The most important deal I did in 2014 was not exactly straight out of a fairytale, but because of my team’s hard work and dedication, we were able to ease part of an extremely stressful situation for a client,” Valko says. Valko’s clients were a couple expecting their second child and upgrading to a larger home; the new baby was due just three weeks before completion. Then the husband was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer that progressed so rapidly he was placed on life support within a week of diagnosis. A week after that, he died – on the same day his daughter was born. “At this point the house was two weeks away from closing, and as everything had already been firmed up, the family was understandably devastated,” Valko says. “We knew we had to stop at nothing to find a solution, and my team got working right away to come up with something that would still allow [the wife] to move into the new home with her children.” Valko arranged for the wife’s father to co-sign so she would still be approved, and increased the amortization in order to help ease the payment burden. To make sure the client didn’t have to carry the entire load of the mortgage herself, Valko even helped arrange for a tenant to occupy the new home’s basement suite. “My client’s family was so grateful that our office provided a solution to a very stressful and devastating situation,” Valko says. Valko even continues to check in periodically with the client to maje sure everything is going well for her and her children. “I consider my clients like family, and I always want to do the best I can for each and every one of them,” she says.

FSCO license: M08006022

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