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#64 Corey Klassen,Dominion Lending Centres Powerhouse House Mortgages
#64 Corey Klassen
COMPANY: Dominion Lending Centres Powerhouse House Mortgages
TOTAL VOLUME: $41,118,164


“My best deal of 2014 was both the toughest deal and the most personally gratifying,” Klassen says. His clients had immigrated to Canada from South Korea in 2010 and opened a popular Korean restaurant, located in the same building where they resided. However, their area of Saskatoon began experiencing a revitalization, and the property owners “couldn’t sell fast enough to the highest bidder,” Klassen says. A Realtor hired to sell the couple’s building listened to their story and convinced the property owner to give them time to try to purchase the building themselves. “It took a few months to come together, but between their hard-earned savings and friends in the neighbourhood coming together to compile the remainder of the down payment, I was able to secure the mortgage through a private investor,” Klassen says.
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