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#68 Pearl Kwan,Dominion Lending Centre Casa Mortgage
#68 Pearl Kwan
COMPANY: Dominion Lending Centre Casa Mortgage
TOTAL VOLUME: $39,303,645


“In 2014, I would say the most important client is a guy whom I met in January,” Kwan says. “He owns a Chinese restaurant. He was referred to me by one of my old clients. After I had done a couple of mortgages for this client, he was very happy with my service and efficiency. He then referred me to his family members, including his sons, his brothers, sister-in-laws, aunt, etc., as well as his staff at the restaurants, his business partners, his personal friends, his builder – he has sent so much business to me. … In 2014, I would say a minimum of 20% of my total business volume came from this client and all his referrals.”
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