#50 Brian Hogben

#50 Brian Hogben

#50 Brian Hogben
Mortgage Financial
TOTAL VOLUME: $51,000,000


“The biggest deal I completed in 2014 was a mortgage for $1.4 million. The house was appraised for over $4 million – to most this seems like a no-brainer. However, the downfall came when it was referred to as a ‘unique’ house! This was the first time I heard a house described this way, and I quickly learned that no lenders like to finance anything that is ‘unique’! Through an excellent relationship we have with one particular lender, we were able to make this deal work for a fair price where other brokers and banks were not able to help.”

Brian Hogben has been in the finance industry since high school, starting as a bank teller making $10 per day. He climbed steadily through the ranks, from customer service representative to financial advisor to mortgage development manager. In 2012, he left the bank and started with Mortgage Financial, opening his own satellite office in 2013.

When he’s not writing mortgages, Hogben can usually be found running, snowboarding or travelling with his wife. He’s also passionate about elevating the financial literacy of young people, and is currently writing a book that aims to help young adults make good financial decisions.

FSCO license: M12000040