Nick Ametrano,Vice president
Favourite mortgage product: The one that best helps the client reach their goals

Years as an independent: 12
Always independent: Yes
Number of employees: 4

What do you think are the biggest issues facing the broker industry?

The inability to see your business for more than just the mortgage transaction in front of you, and not treating and managing your lender relationships as real partnerships.

In your view, what is the biggest advantage of being independent?

We are actually building a company that is of value, as opposed to just closing mortgage transactions.

What does your company do differently to stand out from the competition?

Our success is rooted in our core values and our core purpose:
• Encourage and reward: Opportunities are endless for anyone who believes success is built upon providing great customer service.
• Innovation: We will always look for new and exciting ways to provide great customer service – no one will do this better than us.
• Discipline: Having the right systems and processes in place to deliver a positive customer experience requires discipline in everything we do.
• Mutual respect and support: If we don’t respect and support each other, we can’t be expected do the same for customers who need our help.
• Have fun: Time is precious, so if we are going to spend our day trying to serve customers better, let’s have fun doing it.

Quite simply, our core purpose is to serve customers better every day. This is our competitive advantage, which will ultimately make everyone at successful.

FSCO license: 10516

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