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Carmen Campagnaro
Founder and President
Pro Funds Mortgages

Carmen Campagnaro got hooked on real estate when she purchased her first property at the age of 18. Since then, her passion for real estate has been complemented by a keen eye for sourcing, purchasing, flipping and selling properties. Being an avid investor herself, Carmen launched Pro Funds Mortgages in 1997 with the goal of helping others realize their own real estate goals with a focus on creative financing solutions.

Carmen has spent the last two decades honing Pro Funds Mortgages into a boutique brokerage specializing in residential, multi-residential, commercial, construction and development properties with both institutional and private lenders. Her brokerage is constantly growing, funding over $100 million annually in private mortgages alone.

Finally, Carmen was chosen as a sponsor of Real Investments with Rav Toor, a Roger’s TV show in the GTA, recently renewed for its third season. Carmen appears regularly on the show to share her knowledge and experience with television viewers and likeminded investors. Throughout her journey in the business, she’s built a vast investor network, an army of satisfied clients, and a reputation as a role model to those in and out of the industry.
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