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Danielle Cawley
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Over the past 5 years Danielle Cawley has been providing solutions for her clients while working to grow her business and her team. Soon after she started with Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres in 2010, Danielle transformed her production business. Now with a team of 3, and an office in both Toronto and Barrie, Danielle is perfecting her process and striving to find new ways to bring in business. Continually leading the push toward new technologies, she transitioned her business to a paperless system in 2014.  She’s also a top originator with NDLC, increasing her origination business by 30% in 2014 and funding over $56 million in sales volume. Last year, she was among Dominion Lending Centres’ top producers in both dollar volume and number of deals funded, and as of this March, she was in the top 10 in Canada in both categories.

Giving back to communities in need is a passion of Danielle’s. Prior to joining Neighbourhood Dominion Lending, Danielle volunteered in Africa at local schools and offered her time to orphanages in Tanzania. She also successfully started a microfinance project with local Kenyans during her second trip to help families in need. As her business grows, so does her passion for volunteering and she hopes to return to Africa next year. 
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