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Cory Thompson,Pillar Financial Services
Cory Thompson
Senior Residential Underwriter
Pillar Financial Services

At just 32, Cory Thompson has been a driving force in the growth of Pillar Financial for almost a decade. As the company’s senior residential underwriter, Thompson is a perfect representative of Pillar’s solution based philosophy. He was instrumental in helping the Frontenac Mortgage Investment Corporation – which Pillar administers – grow from $25 million to $150 million today.

After working in the tax department within W.A. Robinson Asset Management Ltd., Cory joined the underwriting department of Pillar in 2009. While providing top-notch service to our referral sources, he maintains the integrity and standards of the Fund and of our investors, conveying the company values every day with his work: competency, consistency, care.

He is an example of what continuing education and on-the-job training can do for a company; taking business courses at St. Lawrence College, finance and taxation courses and mortgage lending courses through the Canadian Securities Institute.

A licensed mortgage agent and experienced underwriter, Cory has seen every financing opportunity there is; he knows how to structure a deal and knows when to walk away while maintaining the respect of our partners day in and day out.
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