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Sunny Vig,Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Force
Sunny Vig
Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Force 

Sunny Vig has done very well in the mortgage industry in a very short time. He entered the industry as a mortgage specialist at BMO in late 2013 and immediately showed a knack for the business. In March of this year, he took the bold step of leaving the bank and starting his own DLC franchise. Vig is committed to the broker model and to first-time homebuyers; his YouTube channel, “Mortgages by Sunny,” gives advice to people looking for their first home, and he’s also published articles in local papers about the importance of using a mortgage broker. Vig is extremely passionate about the industry and his goal is to introduce the idea that using a broker is more advantageous than going to a bank for a mortgage. 
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