Mortgage broker  
Age: 31

The province of Alberta – and Calgary in particular – hasn’t had the best run over the past two years. The oil shock has devastated the city, and its effect is being felt far beyond the energy industry itself. Calgary-based broker Adil Mawji concedes that it’s been a tough time, but the silver lining has been his ability to reconnect with clients on a much deeper level. “Having an established client base has allowed us to pull through,” he says. “There are more opportunities out there now to help people, so that’s what we are concentrating on.”

A former president of the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association and its representative on the board of directors for Mortgage Professionals Canada, Mawji joined Invis in late 2008. That too was a period of great economic uncertainty, but the experience hardened him for the tough times that would return again in 2015. 

Now that Calgary and Alberta are slowly but surely making a recovery, opportunities for Mawji to build his business will soon return. Bearing that in mind, he has some suggestions for improving the industry as a whole. “I would like to see full and transparent product offerings from all banks to the broker channel,” he says, “but let’s be realistic – I would be dreaming if this happened.”

FSCO license: M12001243

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