BRYAN BAKER,Invis SmartCap
Mortgage professional
Age: 32

Bryan Baker is embracing the industry changes that are transforming how people buy their homes. Rather than complaining about how brokers must adapt their methods, he calls on his peers to grow into new roles. “The industry is changing every year, often with increased lender guidelines and regulatory restrictions,” he says. “These changes often have industry professionals being reactive instead of proactive. They are viewed as restrictive rather than opportunistic. With every change comes an opportunity to reinvent yourself. How boring would a career be without change?”

One area where Baker would like to see the industry evolve is through greater cooperation between all those involved in the increasingly complex lending process. “I would like to see a change in the industry culture, working more efficiently with other industry professionals to ensure a win for all,” he says. “Your bottom line will grow in correlation with the rewarding experience we as industry professionals provide to the consumers.”

For Calgary-based Baker, a turbulent local economy has made business growth somewhat uncertain at the moment, but it’s a challenge he clearly relishes. “With a weakening in the Canadian economy, growth means working a little harder and a little more efficiently than we have in past years,” he says. “Our goals for 2016 are centred on relationships. We are strengthening existing relationships by identifying new opportunities and booking in time to find new relationships.”
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