Principal broker/owner
Age: 33

For Christopher Molder, the mortgage industry is in his blood. His father, Arnold, first started the Tridac Corporation in 1977. The firm still exists today, albeit in a different guise – it changed its name to Axess Mortgage two years ago. 

“Axess Mortgage was created as a brand with affiliation to Axess Law,” Molder explains. “We are separately owned and operated, but share a common vision of delivering our services to the marketplace in a unique and deliberate manner. The immediate goal is to further develop our brand and position it as a leader in mortgage origination for the modern consumer.”

Molder has had a solid climb up the industry ladder since he decided to join the family business a decade ago – and he’s witnessed great change during that time. “Over the last decade, I feel there has been a shift towards what I consider a commoditization of a broker’s service,” he says. “Borrowers are using the readily available digital tools and websites to self-serve. This commoditization presents some obvious challenges to the broker community, but also great opportunities for growth.” 

Based in Toronto’s famous Danforth area, Axess Mortgage has also been witness to the booming property market in Canada’s largest city. It’s been great for brokers and lenders alike, but that’s not to say the job is simple to master, as Molder explains. 

“As brokers, we are sometimes very restricted by our lenders’ credit policies,” he says. “I perceive that branches can run circles around us with the same clients, and I’d like to see that gap close a bit, especially when it comes to insured mortgages. Sit down with any broker, and they’ll share the same war stories.”

FSCO license: M08010066

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