Senior mortgage planner
Age: 31

Having made the switch from a bank to a brokerage, D’Arcy Henneberry understands the limitations of his previous role in meeting clients’ needs. “It is very important to me that my clients make an informed decision when purchasing a mortgage,” he says. “Being a mortgage broker enables me to educate my clients on the different types of lenders, how those lenders will register their charge on title, and the seemingly bewildering array of products and options available.”

Given his focus on clients’ needs, Henneberry sees some other areas of the industry that need to evolve. “The real estate side of our business runs like a cheetah, while the mortgage side, due to the burden of documentation, creeps forward like molasses,” he says. “We need to become more efficient as an industry. New technologies and services will continue to develop, providing us all with the opportunity to streamline our administrative workload, enabling us to focus on our clients.”

And Henneberry intends to do his part by harnessing that technology to try to connect with more and more clients. “There is a great opportunity to diversify by participating in both online and traditional models,” he says. “Working online allows for greater efficiency, which enables the broker to process a higher volume of business while connecting with a greater number of Canadians on a daily basis than ever before.”

FSCO license: M18000113

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