Mortgage consultant
Age: 34 

While the market in Alberta has certainly been challenging over the past two years, that’s not to say there aren’t opportunities out there – and Diana Lee has seized them. “I had one of my best years last year,” she says. “We are lucky to be in Edmonton; I have friends in Calgary who were affected differently. It has slowed down a little bit this year. It’s important to diversify so when sales aren’t as much, you focus on refinancing.”

Prior to joining Invis, Lee spent five years as a mortgage specialist with TD Bank. 

The move from one of the Big Five to a specialized brokerage allowed her greater freedom to meet the needs of her clients – needs that are constantly changing. The difference is particularly pronounced among the different generations, Lee observes. 

“Loyalty is a big difference between the generations,” she says. “You can do all the research and build those relationships, but it’s just not as strong a bond as with Gen X clients. I always grew my business on those relationships. It’s tougher with millennials, who I’m not sure value it as much.” 

But because millennials will make up a major portion of Lee’s client base over the next 20 years, she’s committed to finding ways to break down those barriers. “The question is, how do you reach them? Is it more social media and catering to their interests more?" she says. "I’m kind of in between the generations, but I definitely have a different model of communication. It’s less face-to-face with millennials.”
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