FARHAN MAHMOOD,Mortgage Intelligence

Mortgage broker  
Age: 35       

Aside from providing a means to support his young family, Farhan Mahmood’s role as a mortgage broker also allows him to make a real difference for people. This is one of the major reasons he decided to pursue this career two years ago. “When you are a broker, you have the ability to make a real change in someone’s life,” he says. “A house is someone’s biggest investment, so if you can provide the right advice for them and guide them into the right areas, you can change their financial picture completely.”
Relatively new to the broker side of the industry, Mahmood sees his role as more than just securing financing for homes. “I have been in the industry for seven years now,” he says. “Before I was a mortgage lender, and I was with MCAP as an underwriter. Now I see myself as a financial advisor rather than a broker because all I’m doing is advising people on how to manage their finances.”

That approach is clearly getting results for Mahmood, who is based in Guelph, Ontario. 

“It’s been a great 2016 so far,” he says. “In the first six months, we have had sales equal to the whole of last year. It’s been incredible. I have a target of $50 million in funding for this year. My ultimate goal is to be one of the top brokers in Canada, doing something like $200 to $300 million in business each year.”

FSCO license: M14000068