JORDON MULLEN,Home Trust Company

Mortgage originator
Age: 24

One of the youngest members of this year’s Young Guns list, Jordon Mullen originally became a mortgage broker after witnessing the positive effect brokers can make on people’s lives. “The mortgage industry has always been part of my life,” she says. “My mother is a broker, and I’ve seen firsthand how the right mortgage professional can improve the lives of hard-working individuals. While studying business in college, I became even more determined to work in a field where I could help those who don’t quite fit the narrow ‘in-the-box’ definition the major banks apply to all applicants.” 

The regulatory requirements for brokers are constantly evolving, but this is a positive development in Mullen’s eyes. “There have been many changes to the industry since I first started, including a number of regulatory updates such as B-20,” she says. “These requirements strengthen our collective ability to provide the best service to clients. Many of these changes have provided new opportunities for the self-employed and those with a limited credit history. By providing us with nontraditional documentation, we have opened the door to new and improved lending criteria.”

The ability to help people achieve their dream of homeownership is at the forefront of Mullen’s business, and she has some ideas about how the system can be improved to facilitate that process. “The thing I would most like to see change is the idea that Alt-A borrowers are somehow less deserving of a chance to own their own home,” she says. “I’ve learned that simply because an applicant does not meet the lending criteria of a Schedule A bank, with some extra due diligence, they are able to demonstrate creditworthiness, and this is a beautiful aspect of Alt-A lending.”

FSCO license: M17002124

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