VP of Eastern credit operations
Age: 33

As someone that who been with Paradigm Quest since the very beginning, Rachelle Gregory has had a front row seat to the company’s rise as a national force in the lending business. “The company had just launched when I started,” she says. “I took care of credit and payroll at the beginning. I had a lot of different roles with the company after that, before becoming vice president of Eastern credit operations. I run the credit team for any mortgage submitted in Atlantic Canada or Ontario.”

Gregory also played a key role in establishing the Western credit centre in Vancouver in 2008. Today, the company continues to expand, and the Eastern office and the Toronto market are a large part of that. “We are not a bank; we are a monoline lender, so we have the opportunity to deal with many different investors and have more products and more rate offerings,” Gregory says.

Another change this year has been the new deposit rule introduced by the federal government. This has done little to slow the market in Toronto, however, and Paradigm has reaped the benefits. “In Canada, we have always been quite conservative, so the underwriters are used to pretty tight guidelines,” Gregory says. "Paradigm has had a great year – we have increased our underwriting team by 40%. Our market share has grown, too.”
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