RON LEFEBVRE,Invis Pure Mortgage
Mortgage Consultant  
Age: 34  

Previously a heavy equipment mechanic, Ron Lefebvre elected to change careers and joined Invis six years ago – a decision that has been more than vindicated. “I think the primary reason I made the change was that I have a passion for real estate,” Lefebvre says. “Being a numbers person, I had initially planned to go to university and get a degree in accounting, but then I had an opportunity to become a mortgage broker, and that seemed a better fit.” 

Now six years into his new career, how has the job changed? “For me, it has evolved on what my value is to clients,” Lefebvre says. “I have found that being very upfront with my clients has helped me. When you first break into the industry, you want to make every single deal, but now I’m a lot more upfront about what my value proposition is and what I do that is different than the banks or other mortgage brokers.”

Alberta’s struggling economy has presented another challenge, although it’s one Lefebvre has had no trouble overcoming. “Last year was the biggest year I've ever had, and this year is close to that again,” he says. “There still is a big need for mortgage financing. The deals may be a little tougher to put together. Before, a lot of people may have used overtime pay in order to qualify, and a lot of that overtime has gone away.” 

Yet despite tough economic times, Lefebvre remains focused on the goal he set for himself when he became a broker. “When I first got into the industry, I set a goal of financing $100 million in mortgages a year, but I realize now that’s very difficult,” he says. “I still would like to get 
there by providing value to my clients [and] offering ancillary products.” 
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