STEVEN LEVINE,True North Mortgage
Certified mortgage broker
Age: 31

Having spent five years as a Realtor before becoming a broker, Steven Levine has been immersed in both sides of the property business for a decade now. This has allowed him to develop broad expertise in the market, which is increasingly valuable to his clients. “The reason I got into real estate was that I wanted to help people out,” he says. “I thought moving into brokerage was a good way to understand the whole system. I understand real estate, and it’s something that I can always go back to, but now, focusing on mortgages, I can help people out on this side.”

The switch from Realtor to mortgage broker also means that if the market experiences a downturn, Levine has the know-how to diversify. “For someone like me, I do purchases, refinancing and transfers, so I haven’t noticed any slowdown this year,” he says. “I have noticed appraisals have come back lower, so I guess that means the market has gone down a bit.”

Based in Montreal, Levine’s business stretches across Quebec, but is mainly concentrated in the province’s largest city, which also has Canada’s second biggest population – but in contrast to Toronto and Vancouver, Levine characterizes Montreal’s property market as relatively normal. “I’ve had clients tell me they have bought and sold properties [in Toronto or Vancouver] and made $150,000 profit in a year!” he says. “Montreal is nothing like that – the average house price here is around $300,000. Vancouver is being heated by foreign investment, and I think the climate here means you don’t have that same demand.”
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