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Stuart Matheson - Mortgage Broker,Dominion Lending Centres Arctic Home Mortgages
Age: 25
Franchise Owner / Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending Centres Arctic Home Mortgages
Years in the Industry: 1.5
Total dollar volume/number of loans:
* 2013 - $4 Million
* 2014 - $3.8 Million to date

Based in Northwest Territories, Stuart is not only operating within one of Canada’s toughest housing markets, he is thriving.

“We may not be a large brokerage by volume, but we have made large impacts on the NWT as a whole, not just one city but we represent the mortgage needs of all the communities in the Territory. What has been achieved in such a short time is quite impressive,” says Stuart. “Taking a territory with no brokerage, many residents who have never heard of a brokerage before and becoming a household name, offering financial advice, education and pushing the industry forward in how it views the North, offering greater service and options to residents here.”
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