Senior mortgage advisor

Centum Home Lenders – Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team

Leanne Myles has been part of Atlantic Canada’s financial services industry for 13 years. In 2018, she joined the Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team at Centum Home Lenders in Halifax, where she is currently ranked in the top 10 for mortgage sales and top five for mortgage insurance sales in Canada.

Myles is known for her dedication to helping clients with bruised credit. By digging deeper to uncover the root cause of what got a client into credit trouble in the first place, she says, she can better understand their relationship with money and help with day-to-day decision-making. She also works with real estate investor clients to help them grow their rental portfolios, often planning months in advance to ensure mortgage funding success.

In addition to her work as a broker, Myles has served as director for Nova Scotia on the CMBA Atlantic board of directors. She also sits on the board of Chebucto Wind Farms and is an active member of Business Network International.