Network: CIMBC
Location: Woodbridge, ON

Mortgage Associates Ontario was founded on its owners’ desire to create a home for mortgage agents and brokers, grow with lenders, and earn recognition from industry peers. In its six years in operation, the brokerage has accomplished all of the above. It was named a CMP Top Independent Brokerage in 2018, thanks in part to the dedicated training efforts and resources it provides to new agents, and it hasn’t stopped innovating or growing from day one.

“For mortgage agents new to the industry, we recognize their need to get hands-on experience in processing mortgage transactions and interacting with clients, hence why we provide leads and back-end support,” says president Amir Kay. “For clients, we pay close and detailed attention to their needs and what may put them in a better financial situation for years to come.”

While Mortgage Associates Ontario provides a wide array of products and mortgage solutions, it primarily caters to homeowners with bruised credit who are looking to improve their financial situation by using their home equity to consolidate debt and improve their credit score.