Are Vancouverites falling out of love with their city?

Vancouverites want affordable homes but are also concerned about overdevelopment.

Concerns about the housing market are set to dominate the debate over the next 6 weeks as civic elections take place across Metro Vancouver and a new report warns people are ready to leave the area.

Almost half the region’s residents and over a third of its businesses say they have recently considered moving away from the region due to affordability concerns, says the VoteLocal survey.

The study is a unique research project pulling in views of residents, businesses and politicians and was conducted by Mustel Group and FleishmanHillard HighRoad, in partnership with the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade in July and August.

“Metro Vancouver has long enjoyed a reputation for excellent quality of life, but residents and businesses seem to be falling out of love with the place we call home,” said Anna Lilly, Senior Vice President and Partner with FleishmanHillard HighRoad. “Our survey suggests that affordable housing, the pace of growth and development, and transportation are likely to dominate discussion in the lead up to October 20th, and while voters want action on housing, many are concerned about overdevelopment in their communities.”

Two thirds of residents said that quality of life in the region and affordability have declined in the last 5 years, a view shared by 75% of businesses and 82% of political candidates.

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