BC realtors’ associations welcome stronger consumer protection

BC realtors’ associations welcome stronger consumer protection
The changes announced by British Columbia which will mean tougher penalties for real estate agents who break the rules have been welcomed by two of the province’s industry bodies.

"The vast majority of the 20,000 realtors in BC do the right thing and we welcome a dedicated Superintendent of Real Estate to improve consumer protection in real estate transactions,” says British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) President Deanna Horn. “Our livelihoods depend on our reputations and I know that almost every realtor in the province will be happy to see stronger penalties and enforcement for rule-breakers."

Ms. Horn went on to say that the association is looking forward to working with the new Superintendent of Real Estate on how best to implement the recommendations of the Real Estate Council of BC’s advisory group.

Meanwhile, the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board also welcomed the higher levels of increased consumer protection that the recommendation will bring.

Board president Charles Wiebe commented: “Our Board is in full support of initiatives that will promote higher standards of practice for licensees and brokerages in BC, and more importantly, enhance the level of protection for our clients.”

However, Mr Wiebe said that the Board was “disappointed” that the provincial government is removing “the privilege of self-regulation.”

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