Broker launches boutique advisory firm

A 15-year veteran of the real estate business has launched a boutique consultancy business to help landowners, developers and lenders keep up with market trends.

Ben Myers started his career in the US and has spent years as head of research at a Vaughan-based real estate brokerage, producing a monthly report on the ground-orientated housing market and helping builders to fine-tune launch prices.

His new firm Bullpen Consulting will focus on assisting more analytics-driven decision making for new development projects.

"Toronto's housing industry has been spoiled for over 15 years because of unprecedented population growth, record-setting new home sales, consistent house price inflation and the steady creation of employment and wealth,” he said. “The best real estate companies shouldn't take good fortune for granted, but should take time to understand the market and where it's headed. Bullpen was created to help them do just that.” 

He can be reached at

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